Promise In Brevard Vies For Chase Community Giving Grant

By  //  September 18, 2012

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********* SEPTEMBER 19TH 11:59pm *********
Greetings Friends & Families… We only need 500 more votes to be in the top 196 and secure $10,000! It’s really simple and will only take about 2 minutes of your time…   WE CAN DO THIS WITH YOUR HELP.  
Just follow the links below:
Facebook users:
Vote for Promise and one other charity.  Then share the link on your facebook page and you will get a “bonus vote” that you can use to vote for Promise again…..
2. PLEASE ask 10 people to like the link and vote for Promise, and ask them to ask 10 people to do the same.  If everyone does this… we will be in the top 196 charities in no time!

 Chase Banking Customers:

  1. Chase Customers with a Chase online account will receive two (2) votes
  2. . Each vote on must be cast for a different Eligible Nominated Charity… but you are not required to use both votes…
  3. Chase customers who are also Facebook users can vote at and on Facebook.  So please maximize your voting ability and cast away!!!
It only takes about  2 minutes to vote… So please show your support and vote for Promise today!
 If you have any questions please call Betsy  536-7062
                                                            Check out our new video below

Promise Chase





Click the Chase Logo Below to vote on FACEBOOK.
Chase Community Giving 
Please forward to 10 other people and ask them to vote and Promise could win $10,OOO !!!


From the bottom of our hearts -Thank you so much for your support of Promise!!!


Bets & Luke

Betsy & Luke Farmer


Promise in Brevard

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