Tech Tuesday: Facebook Turns 10 Years Old

By  //  February 4, 2014

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Network Now Includes More than 1 Billion Users

ABOVE VIDEO: Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerburg discusses the social media giant’s growth since it was formed in 2004. (Video courtesy of CBS)

The world’s leading social network will turn 10 years old this week.

Facebook’s original function was to keep college students connected with their friends at other universities. Initially, access was restricted to students and alumni with .edu email addresses among select collegs.Within five years, the network was open to any user with an email address and it has grown to over 1 billion users across the globe.

In 2010, a feature length film was created about the network’s inception.Titled “The Social Network”, the movie received rave reviews and numerous awards,including the Best Motion Picture of the Year.

Below, you can see a timeline of Facebook’s remarkable growth during the past decade.

Graphic courtesy of

Graphic courtesy of

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