Commission Agenda Item Would Keep Nelson Off MIRA

By  //  January 21, 2015

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Proposal For Agenda On Thursday’s Commission Meeting

BREVARD COUNTY • VIERA, FLORIDA – District 3 County Commissioner Trudie Infantini is proposing a policy that would deny a former commissioner the opportunity to become the executive director of a Merritt Island agency, according to documents provided by her to Space Coast Daily.

Chuck Nelson

Chuck Nelson

Infantini’s agenda item, to be introduced in a workshop on Thursday, would keep retired commissioners from “being employed by or contracting with Brevard County Government or its contracted agencies, for a minimal period of two years following the end of their term in office.”

Chuck Nelson, who ended an eight-year run as the District 2 commissioner after the November 2014 election, is considering applying for the executive director position of the Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency, according to a variety of media sources.

In the proposal for the agenda for Thursday’s commission meeting, Infantini supplied the following example:

Trudie Infantini

Trudie Infantini

“A Community Redevelopment Agency’s (CRA) Board of Directors is selected by County Commissioners. It is highly inappropriate for a former County Commissioner to receive monetary remuneration from an agency whose Board of Director’s were chosen by the Commissioner seeking employment or a contract with the CRA and funded with taxpayer dollars.”

Infantini wrote in a policy attachment, “The public trust and confidence depends largely on ethical conduct by all former County Commissioners, without any appearance of impropriety.”

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