Pat Williams – The Reader

By  //  April 22, 2012

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Published: June 2011

Orlando Magazine

Pat Williams (Orlando Magazine image)


WINTER PARK, FLORIDA – Pat Williams hasn’t put a book down since he was a kid with a newspaper route, using the money he made from it to fund what became his passion—reading.

Now 71, the Orlando Magic executive has read about 7,000 books and has a home library packed with all of them, including rare first printings. In other rooms are hundreds of other tomes anxiously waiting to be read. Be patient, Williams tells them, your time will come.

The books cry to him, complain to him, cajole him, all clamoring for his attention.

“It can get noisy,” Pat Williams says, as he walks among the some 400 books spread through three rooms in his Winter Park home.

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