Dart, Billliard Business Thriving In Palm Bay

By  //  April 27, 2012

Recreational Firm Booming

A Palm Bay business has launched a new web site selling dart and billiard supplies. (Shutterstock image)

BREVARD COUNTY • PALM BAY, FLORIDA – Palm Bay may not be the first location one  thinks about when the topic of darts and billiards are brought up, but lately it’s been thriving as a hot spot for selling supplies online for the popular games.

Johnny-R’s, a prominent Palm Bay-based  e-commerce retailer of darts and billiards products,  has expanded its product line available at www.eDartsandBilliards.com.

Launched earlier this year, the web site offers a huge selection of high-quality, fair priced darting items.

With recent additions, the site now sells soft- tip darts, steel-tip darts, dart boards, billiard cues and billiard tables.

John Ragas of Palm Bay, the founder and president of Johnny-R’s, has been playing pool since the age of 13 and says the recreational game business is booming.

“As a sport known to have evolved from outdoor lawn games that also used sticks and balls, billiards has become a game played by men, women, teens and even children,” he said. “People from all walks of life, from different regions, and from different backgrounds have learned to love this sport and we look forward to serving them.”

Many of the products found on eDartsandBilliards.com are made by brand name manufacturers such as Viper and Casemaster.

According to PRNewswire, the web site also contains game instructions, rules and tips for beginners.

“Billiards can be played simply for fun in your local pub or restaurant, or competitively within a tournament and it’s never too late to pick up this fun hobby,” Ragas said.

He said that eDartsandBilliards.com also connects with customers through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

All items purchased on the site can be shipped anywhere in the United States and Canada and all major credit cards are accepted.

For more information about Johnny-R’s and its recently expanded online darts and billiards store, visit www.eDartsandBilliards.com.