Evans Center Donation A ‘Win-Win’ For Donor, Non-Profit

By  //  April 20, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Evans Center, a proposed model neighborhood market and job training center currently being managed through the development phase by the Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition (BNDC), has been approved for participation in the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program.

In partnership with Brevard County businesses, churches and organizations, the Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition provides hope and opportunity for the county’s most impoverished areas.

Harris CEO Howard Lance (top right) presented a ceremonial "first brick" (held by Angel Jenkins, age 4) representing Harris' $150,000 challenge grant for the Outreach Center's capital campaign for a new building. Also shown (top L-R) are Nick Heldreth, Harris VP of Human Resources; Irene Summerford, resident director of the Center; Lynn Brockwell-Carey, executive director of the Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition; and children who currently attend the center. Harris.com image

Evans Center is one of only two nonprofits in the county to have been granted this tax credit program, which offers any business in Florida a tax credit of up to 50 percent of the value of their contribution to the organization.

“It is “win-win” for both the nonprofit and the donor,” said BNDC director Lynn Brockwell-Carey.

The opportunity is beneficial to businesses that pay Florida corporate income taxes, Florida insurance premium taxes and any business that collects and remits sale taxes.

The latter will receive a cash refund instead of tax credits.

Donations are made payable directly to Evans Center qualify for the tax credit program and the BNDC will help the donor with the simple application required to receive the tax advantages.

Applications must be sent to Tallahassee between July 2 and 16 of this year.

 Facility To Serve Powell, Driskell Heights Subdivisions

BNDC, has partnered with Powell Subdivision Neighborhood Watch, the Congregations for Community Action and the City of Palm Bay to help build a market and deli, job training facility and health clinic at the site of a shuttered corner grocery that had become a magnet for drugs and crime.

Each day, children and teens stream into the DOCK after school, eager for a healthy snack, help with homework, computer instruction, art classes, faith lessons and recreation. In this “home away from home.” For SpaceCoastDaily.com

The facility will serve both the Powell and Driskell Heights subdivisions, both low-income, African-American neighborhoods.

The health clinic will be operated by the Brevard Health Alliance to replace a mobile unit that is only able to serve the community once a week.

Opening for Evans Center is slated for 2013.

Evans Center has already achieved 501(c)(3) status; the Evans board qualifies as a community based development organization with HUD.

More than 55 percent of households in the area earn less than $24,999 annually. 70% of residents own one or no automobiles.

The accessibility of the new store will be a boom to these individuals, many of whom are elderly residents or young parents who in order to buy staples, must currently travel almost one-and-a-half miles to a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

For more information contact Brockwell-Carey at 321-253-4214 or log on to BNDCserve.org

Established in 2001, BNDC has helped to implement solutions for the revitalization of low-income communities. BNDC is a faith-based grassroots group that channels the efforts of individuals---resident leaders, government officials, business people and church members---into the realization of peace and prosperity for all communities. For SpaceCoastDaily.com


For more information contact Brockwell-Carey at 321-253-4214 or log on to BNDCserve.org


Board Members

John Willison

Alan Prestwood

Brent Wente

Carlton Hemley

Daryl Bishop
Linda Richardson
David Walker
Mary Wallis
Carl Wallace
Lisa Wight
Joy Willard-Williford

Lynn Brockwell-Carey
Executive Director

Botavia Jackson
DOCK Director

Lynda Bastian
DOCK Program Aide

Evelina Cruz
DOCK Program Facilitator

Kim Miller

Paula Schroeder
Administrative Assistant

Maria Sonnenberg
Fund Development Director