Brevard County Deputy Rick Lee Featured On ‘Cops’

By  //  May 2, 2012



BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — Deputy Rick Lee of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office was featured on an episode  of “Cops” as he patroled an apartment complex with a history of shots fired and drug calls.

Deputy Rick Lee of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office subdues a suspect. ( image)

He quickly spots a vehicle driving across a grassy area that is not a designated road with his headlights off. The driver explains that he has a license, but the “sheriff has his license.”

The front seat passenger tells Deputy Lee that he was trying to get home and does not have any identification. The backseat passenger gives his name as well.

A K-9 unit shows up and Deputy Lee decides to take the men out of the vehicle because he smelled marijuana in the car. The front seat passenger gets out of the car and immediately attempts to run from the deputy during the pat down.

After a brief struggle with the man, the deputy takes him into custody and finds a small baggie of marijuana in his pants.

The driver of the vehicle complains about the circumstances of his friend’s arrest and tells the deputies his friend is a “jitterbug.”

The driver is given a warning for the equipment violation and is cut loose. The passenger that tried to run tells deputies he feels dumb for trying to run. He is informed of his charges.

Later, Deputy Lee learns the man has a $50,000 warrant for weapons related charges.

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