Titusville Displays New Utility Billing Statements

By  //  July 16, 2012

Colorful New Form

BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE – Utility bills for Titusville have been given a facelift.

Utility bills for the city of Titusville will look differently starting with the Aug. 7 statement. (Image courtesy city of Titusville)

The City of Titusville recently switched the vendor that prints the bills and the result was part of a competitive procurement process.

The new vendor will provide utility billing print services at a slightly lower cost to Titusville and the format of the bill was modified to provide customer account information in an organized and concise presentation, according to Danielle M. Trazzera of the city of Titusville’s Customer Service Department.

She said these changes will be become effective with the Aug.  7 bills.

The new utility bills are in color making them easier to read and drawing the customer’s attention to important information and announcements.

Other changes include the dollar amount of utility deposit on file on the front page, scheduled date of disconnection for past due amounts and an energy consumption analysis report,

The back page of the bill reflects useful information related to deposits, meter re-reads, adjustments, payment options and more.

On the front of the tear off payment stub there will be one check box for change of address and one check box for ACH Payment Option enrollment request.

Each utility customer has been mailed a copy of a sample bill.