BCC Titans Basketball Seeking Support Of Community

By  //  August 7, 2012

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Titans Offer Free Admission To Games

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA In years past, the Brevard Community College men’s basketball program has been overlooked and that’s an understatement.

BCC coach Jeremy Shulman is hoping the community will support then Titans mens' basketball program. (Image courtesy Brevard Community College)

One person who has taken issue with the Titans being overlooked is BCC mens’ head basketball coach Jeremy Shulman and he is doing something about it.

After reeling off 21 wins last season and sending six out of eight sophomores to NCAA Division 1 schools to continue their basketball careers, Shulman now asks that the community take notice and support the team as it prepares to embark upon what he predicts will be a very exciting season.

“Some people in the community didn’t even know Brevard had a basketball team when I got here,” Shulman said in regards to the lack of support the team has felt, “but the level of basketball is at such a high level here.”

For those who don’t believe coach Shulman, he asks you to come see the team for yourself, free of charge.

BCC men’s basketball will continue to offer free admission to home games this season, and those games Shulman says, will be highly entertaining.

“We have got a great product, exciting games,” Shulman said. “People who have never come to a Brevard basketball game before, will leave saying ‘Wow! This is what I’ve been missing?’ This was an enjoyable experience, a high level of talent and incredibly entertaining.’”

Shulman knows getting word out to the community about the team and the changes they have coming will be a challenge, but it’s a challenge he has a plan to meet.

Brevard Community College will have its first hardwood floors installed in their gymnasium in 30-plus years and plans to host a Midnight Madness event to raise interest in the program in the community as well as prospective high school players in October.

Shulman and his assistant coaches have spoken volumes about their individual players, recruiting and the way they feel about their team. However, they know they need more support from their surrounding community to get the program the respect the team feels it deserves.

Shulman is entering his third season as head coach of the Titans and believes it will be the program’s most successful season yet.