Orthopedic Doctor Daniel Branham Keeps Patients Active

By  //  August 17, 2012


A competitive swimmer since he was a child, James loved the water. But swimming six days a week for hours at a time and sailing on the weekends had taken quite a toll on his shoulders.

Dr. Daniel Branham

“While swimming a couple of years ago when I suddenly heard a loud pop in my shoulder,” said James. “Turns out I had severely damaged my rotator cuff.”

Besides hindering his ability to swim and sail, James was in constant discomfort.

James sought out the care of Health First Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Daniel Branham.

Faced with the distinct possibility that he may never be able to swim again, the pair worked to explore alternatives to surgery, but even with steroid treatments, James simply could not keep up with the pain.

Dr. Branham was able restore the rotator cuff surgically but only time would tell if James would able to resume his normal activities.