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By  //  September 9, 2012

Top 10 items to consider regarding your ads

As consumers, we are bombarded every day with tons of advertising. Some remain with us and some are immediately forgotten. What makes the difference between advertising that we remember and the ones we forget right away?

Creating an effective ad requires a professional approach. Here are the top things to remember in creating advertising that really works.

  1. Less is more – Don’t overwhelm your audience by including too much content. Have a single, clear focused message such as a single piece of information, service, special announcement or offer.
  2. Be easy to read – Don’t confuse readers by using small type or script fonts. Select clean, easy to read fonts against a background that causes it to stand out.
  3. Be interesting – Find a creative way to make your ad appear more interesting, using graphics, language or humor. Being interesting ensures your ad is heard, liked and repeated to others.
  4. Know your audience – Rather than being general, present information that is relevant and speaks to a specific need in your consumers
  5. Obey the Rule of Three – People absorb information in three stages. Create your ad with primary emphasis on the main message, secondary emphasis on your company information, and finally, smaller emphasis on your logo.
  6. Be true to your brand – Use colors and images that are seen elsewhere in association with your company. Consistency is key in maintaining trust.
  7. Select the right publication – Advertise in publications or on stations that are primarily read, seen or heard by your target audience. Ask for statistics of the demographics your ad will be reaching.
  8. Position your message – Ensure your ad is given a good position, away from competition and near prime information.
  9. Track your results – Include a code or special email address in your ad that is unique only to the ad. This way, you can analyze the results you have received from the ad.
  10. Maintain Quality Control – Ensure your ad works in black and white, and in color, and is the right resolution for the publication. Often, enlisting a graphic designer to create your ad, ensures your have all the bases covered in your design.

Creating an effective ad for print, internet, tv, radio or billboards is all about capturing attention and remaining memorable. Ensuring your ads are engaging, likable and clear and will guarantee your budget was well spent.

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Example of a Great Ad


Example of a Great Ad


Example of a Great Ad


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