OPINION: You Are What You Eat…And More

By  //  October 1, 2012



Part V of Judy Edwards Journey  

My intention in this next section started out to be a rant about what’s wrong with the medical situation in this country.

It didn’t take too much investigation to learn of the powerhouse that the American Medical Association is with regards to lobbying and how it is intimately involved with the pharmacological industry.

In 2010 alone, the AMA spent nearly $22 million to influence the passage of federal health care reform.

We could hope that the $22 million dollars was spent promoting research toward a healthy way of life, but the AMA has a reputation for suppressing alternative treatments and cures.

The AMA, the Pharmacological Industry, and the Agribusiness Industry have created a cash cow for themselves, in the levels of obesity and ill health in this country.

Poor food choices 

This is caused in part by the nutritionally poor food choices we eat that result in disease, the consequences of which is the need for medical care and prescription drugs to maintain a semblance of health.

The Genetics Of Food Is A Growth Indutsry

I could have gone on that subject for quite a while.

Just the thought that I and the rest of us were an unknowing and now, an unwilling part of an experiment on the long term health consequences of Genetically Modified Food and the abundant use of pesticides on crops, is enough to put me at the edge of the bridge.

But, that gets pretty depressing. The ultimate truth is that the human body is designed to thrive.

Being healthy is its natural state.

At any point of our life’s journey, when you introduce unnatural substances, our bodies become unbalanced.

This realization has led many people to take a more holistic approach to healing that addresses not just physical symptoms, but also thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, nutrition, and loving relations.

This acknowledges that the human body is a fully integrated system equipped with a powerful immune system to fight off sickness and disease.

Alternative practices — such as naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine — assist the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Organic Foods Are Becoming More Popular

So does eating organic food.

Need for real health centers 

The need for health centers that integrate allopathic and alternative health practices is urgent if we are to change to a healthy way of life.

At times, the challenges in this complicated, shifting time that we are living in is overwhelming and seems out of control. But, there are many things that I can control.

I can choose what to eat. I can choose to exercise and be conscious of what it is that I am putting into my body.

I can choose what to think.

I can choose to believe that I am more than all those talking heads out there bombarding me with doomsday predictions, lies, violence and economic collapse.

I am more than all those thoughts that get stuffed into my head.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I am not my thoughts.

My goal is to let those negative thoughts pass through.

I do my best to think good thoughts cause thoughts are things.

Writing about all the things that are wrong with the world doesn’t feel good to me.

As a rule, I look for the good in life.

Clean water Invention

So I will leave you today with a story about water.

It’s another one of those subjects that are wrought with controversy. There is too little. There is too much. It is too dirty. It’s getting dirtier… (Think fracking.).

Then along came a young Frenchman.

Marc Parent came up with the idea of a wind turbine that produces drinking water when he lived in the Caribbean in the 90’s.

French Inventor Marc Parent (Image by Judy Edwards)

He started by collecting water produced by an air conditioning unit for his own needs, then he moved on to the idea of designing a machine capable of producing water and he combined this process with a wind turbine.

This led to a completely independent device for producing electricity and water.

In 2004, Mark founded “Eole Tech’.

The company, which aims to start rolling out the giant products for sale later in 2012, will initially focus on remote communities in arid countries where water resources are scarce.

“This technology could enable rural areas to become self-sufficient in terms of water supply,” says Thibault Janin, director of marketing at Eole Water.

“As the design and capabilities develop, the next step will be to create turbines that can provide water for small cities or areas with denser populations,” he adds.

Eole Water is currently displaying a working prototype of the 24 meter tall WMS1000 in the desert near Abu Dhabi that has been able to produce 62 liters of water an hour, says Janin.

CLICK HERE for an interesting link about Eole Water



Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards is a painter and writer who lives in Brevard County, Florida.

Edwards studied art at the Honolulu Art Academy, Rhode Island School of Design, Newport Art Museum on Monhegan Island, Maine and at the Ringling School in Sarasota, Florida. 

Currently, Edwards  is a member of the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, Florida.

In art, she places her current emphasis on investigating, creating, and manipulating colors with molten wax. 

Edwards says, “The additive and subtractive nature of encaustics lends itself to abstraction and is thrilling to work with”.

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