Sea Turtle Preservation Society Receives Grants

By  //  October 29, 2012

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Used For Cards And Equipment

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – In 2012, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society was awarded two grants by the Sea Turtle Conservancy from monies provided through the purchase of sea turtle license plates in Florida.

Through a grant, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society has created, printed and distributed a water resistant card to boaters asking them to take special precautions around sea turtles in the water. (Image courtesy Sea Turtle Preservation Society)

The first grant was for a boater education program designed to make boaters aware of the sea turtle population in both the ocean and the Indian River Lagoon.

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society created, printed and distributed a water resistant card to boaters and marine related retailers that informed them of the special precautions to take around sea turtles in the water.

In the first six months, most of the marine related business ( in sea turtle areas of Brevard County) have been given a supply of the cards. Volunteers handed cards out to boaters at the annual Super Boat International race in Cocoa Beach in May.

A second distribution will be done in February and March 2013 as well as the next Super Boat race. Injuries related to boat related encounters account for the highest cause of sea turtle deaths in our area.

The second grant was to provide equipment to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society’s Stranding and Salvage team that responds to injured, stranded and dead sea turtles throughout Brevard County. They are the primary group that responds to such calls in the county.

Monies were used to purchase three specially designed constructed carriers or “stretchers” needed when removing a 250 lb turtle from the beach. Water and shockproof digital cameras were purchased to assist in reports on injured turtles.

Three special electronic readers were purchased making them available to more stranding responders.

Sea turtles that have been rescued are tagged to help identify them in the future if recaptured. One type of tag is a Radio Frequency ID tag.

More than 1,500 turtles were tagged using this system several years ago during a cold spell.

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