A Case For The ‘New Guys’ In Satellite Beach

By  //  November 1, 2012

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Election Tuesday

BREVARD COUNTY • SATELLITE BEACH, FLORIDA – This November the voters of Satellite Beach have the opportunity to place three relatively new people on the city council.

The other three candidates previously held seats on the city council as recently as five years ago and in one case, over a decade ago. Realizing that most voters do not have a first-hand personal relationship with all of the candidates, myself included, the decision as to who we vote for is largely based on analyzing the odds as to what will likely yield the best outcome for the city.

When I considered the question as to my votes this election, the following factors guided my thinking:

1. Generationally, the “new” candidates, all of which are accomplished professionals and committed to public service, see the world as it is now and are accustomed to using modern approaches and tools to analyzing problems and developing solutions.

2. Based on what I have learned from all of the public statements made by the candidates, the “new” candidates believe strongly in the active participation of citizens to bring about positive change where the “not new” candidates have positioned themselves as serving a niche demographic or as an independent that knows what is best for us.

3. The three “new” candidates run on a campaign that speaks to the issues the city is facing and discussing the various positive measures to address those issues. The “not new” candidates demonstrate they have neither an appreciation for the issues the city is facing nor any solutions to proffer.

Instead, the “not new” candidates enlist the support of anonymous authors in a “fear and smear campaign” which is perhaps an attempt to bring forth the worst in human behavior instead of appealing to our sensibilities.

W.C. Andrew Groome

I am a private citizen, a registered voter, and both a resident and business owner in Satellite Beach. In the 15 years I lived in Satellite Beach, I made friends and built a good life for my family. It is my personal belief that those who treat people with respect are better public servants than those who malign others.

I am convinced that those who demonstrate an understanding of specific issues that we face tend to make better decisions than those who turn a blind eye to the matter or push it off as being someone else’s responsibility. And last, but not least, there is no value in returning to office those who have raised our taxes, put our city in debt, and made us vulnerable to legal action.

None of us are perfect. Most of us are good people who want what is best for our families, friends, neighbors, and our community.

In my travels and meetings with Lloyd French, Scott Rhodes and Trevor Lowing, it is clear to me that they are good people and share the values that will make the city of Satellite Beach and all who live here a happier and healthier place.

After seeing the public behavior of Lorraine Gott, reviewing the performance of Mark Brimer and Frank Catino, and reading the anonymous letters and blog postings of their supporters, it is difficult to believe that allowing them to be on the Satellite Beach City Council will make anything better.

Please do your homework when deciding whom to vote for in this election. Understand that Frank Catino, Mark Brimer, and Lorraine Gott have all actively lobbied to raise taxes and use funds to appeal to select groups.

Scott Rhodes and Lloyd French have reduced the property tax rates and inspired the city government to improve practices without reducing or cutting services. Trevor Lowing is an educated, intelligent, and decent person whose professional life has been finding sensible solutions for complex managerial and technical problems.

When I think about whom I want making decisions affecting my life, Rhodes, French, and Lowing seem a far better, common-sense choice.

W. C. Andrew Groome