Jennifer Fague and Bill Farmer Married In The Cocoa Village Playhouse

By  //  November 3, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA VILLAGE, FLORIDA — Jennifer Fague and William “Bill” Farmer, were married on the stage at the Cocoa Village Playhouse, Friday night, among their family and friends in a unique and special ceremony.

Amy Goforth, Dan Hill, bride Jennifer Fague and guests enjoy the wedding reception on the stage of the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse

Jennifer Fague, a highly talented actress for most of her young life and member of the company of the Cocoa Village Playhouse has performed many prominent roles at the historic theater.

Her wedding to Farmer, in the beloved Playhouse, was a fitting and unique location for the ceremony and celebration as Fague had spent so many of her years reprising roles in many musicals there.

“I love the Cocoa Village Playhouse and I am so happy that Bill and I could be married here” said Fague.

Bill Farmer surprised Jennifer Fague with his romantic marriage proposal on the stage of the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse during the July 2010 Playhouse Announcement Party.

Over two years earlier, Farmer had surprised his bride-to-be with a proposal for marriage on the very same stage in July 2010, during the Cocoa Village Playhouse annual announcement party in front of a surprised and delighted audience.

Fague’s acceptance of Farmer’s proposal led to this special wedding ceremony in the newly renovated jewel of the Space Coast – The Cocoa Village Playhouse.

Brian Smith, in full Scottish regalia, escorted Fague down the aisle of the theater and up on to the stage, where the beautiful bridesmaids and wedding party witnessed the touching ceremony.

Along with the bridesmaids was Matron of Honor Anastasia Hawkins-Smith – known fondly as “the Drama Mama”.

Cass Stark and Dr. Anastasia Hawkins-Smith enjoy the wedding reception of Jennifer Fay and Bill Farmer on the stage of the Cocoa Village Playhouse ( image)

“This was a perfect way for this wonderful couple to be married and we are so happy for them both” said Hawkins-Smith.

“It is delightful to see such a special young couple so in love”.

Friends and family sat in the theater’s beautiful new seats and enjoyed the ceremony on the stage.

In the delightful and romantic ceremony, filled with moments of laughter and tears of joy, Fague had chosen the comedic Mel Brooks song “Blazing Saddles” to be played in special memory of her late and adoring father.

The minister for the ceremony was Pastor Jeff Hoy of Faith Fellowship Church, who conducted the ceremony with great dignity and poise.

Hoy spoke about how the couple had come together and how Fague’s father was always at Jennifer’s performances.

“No matter if you did not have a great performance, your dad always found something nice to say” said Hoy.

The couple’s beautiful wedding cake was enjoyed by the wedding party on the stage of the Cocoa Village Playhouse

Fague and Farmer were married and the wedding party celebrated their joyous occasion with a delicious meal on the stage.

Actors from the playhouse and friends in attendance were Rick and Janette Roach, Rita and Dr. Mareno, Cass Stark, Alison, Giles and Grace Malone, Geno Hayes, Hannah and Trent Chamberlain, Lisa Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Alan LaDuke, Renee LaDuke, Gavin Little, Wendy Bernier, Shirley Larson, Pam Larson, Danny Deruelle, Lawrence Mazza, Kari Ryan Furr, Jeremy Phelps, Barry Thompson, Joe Horton, John Pourbaix, Jennifer Pourbaix, Johnathan Shepherd, Don Griffin and Chris Waterman,