Great Makeup Application Enhances Natural Beauty

By  //  December 25, 2012

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Helpful tips

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Are your make-up products and application working for or against you?

When it comes to beauty, we don’t call it a routine for nothing.  Let’s face it, most of us find a collection of beauty products we love, and then, going forward, fail to update our beauty regiment for years and maybe even decades.  In fact, 30 percent of respondents from a poll said that “they hadn’t changed a thing about their beauty regiment in more than 10 years.”

Tammy Faye Baker’s makeup was often questioned. (Image by

On the contrary, we must also factor in that what is the latest and greatest beauty tip today isn’t always the most flattering for the average aging woman either.  The inevitable will happen as we age. We will develop fine lines, dark circles, pigmentation issues, and other things that are just a big pain in the blush brush.

This is where using our make-up technique from our 20’s just won’t cut it anymore. Likewise, more product is not always better and most often will leave us looking older by maximizing our flaws instead of accentuating our best features.

So what do we do when we reach that threshold where the present trend makes us look like we are trying to hold on to the youth of yesteryear and our favorite beauty regiment dates back to decades ago?

The answer is to be classic by using a flawless foundation, clean concealer, and a hint of bronzer in combination with perfectly defined eyes/lips.

According to make-up artist Chrisanne Davis, “overly made-up skin is a one way ticket to looking older than you actually are.”

For smooth, flawless appearing skin, always start with a clean face followed by a quality moisturizer.

Flawless appearance

For smooth, flawless appearing skin, always start with a clean face followed by a quality moisturizer.  Next apply a lightweight liquid or cream to powder foundation.

Avoid heavy powder foundation that can turn chalky, settle in the creases and look like the dullness associated with aging skin.  Never choose shades with pink undertones, as it will enhance redness and make the skin appear ruddy.  This counts for every skin tone.

Yellow-based foundation shades always enhance the complexion by cancelling colors of blemishes and giving a healthy all around glow.

Don’t make a mask out of your foundation.  Your skin should always breathe and appear lifted by the foundation.  Your neck should never look like it doesn’t flow with the color of your face. If it does, you have not matched your foundation color correctly.

Matching is essential. To ensure proper application use a dime size amount and rub it on like you would a moisturizer including your lips and eyelids, always being gentle. Apply with clean fingertips.

Proper use of concealer can result in an all-new look. (Image courtesy of Huffington Post)


Likewise, a concealer that is heavy and tacky enough to cover a blemish should never be used to hide dark under eye circles as it will appear caked on and age your appearance.

Too thick of a consistency is far too much for the delicate skin under the eyes.

For under eyes use a sheer, lightweight concealer.

Again always stick with yellow undertone shades.

When it comes to mascara, do not use several applications. (Image courtesy of

When it comes to mascara, do not use several applications.

Avoid clumping it on and products that make your lashes dry and brittle. suggests use of a gentle mascara called Blinc Mascara.

The manufacturer states that, “it is made with Polymers that form a tube around each lash to prevent smudging, yet it comes off easily with warm water.”

To enhance the look of your lash line smudge black or brown eyeliner to the top lid and outer corners.

Give the illusion of lifted eyes by avoiding heavy liner on the bottom lash line.

Eye shadow

When applying eye shadow, if you are going with a smoky (darker) eye appearance, never make your lips dark.

It must be one or the other. They should never compete for attention.

Balance is essential. Say no way to metallic lids.

It’s time to graduate from glitter. Frosty eye shadows settle in the creases and exaggerate the less taut skin.

Balance is the key to applying eye shadow. (Image courtesy of

Matte taupes and browns are always a nice compliment to any look and if applied properly to the lid, crease, and brow bone, they will make you look fresh, young, and not overdone.

Rule of thumb is light color on the lid and darker color in the crease always making sure to blend everything.

Refer to the diagram above.

Snooky’s overdone bronzer. (Image courtesy of


Bronzer is the best-kept beauty secret.

A light dusting of a bronzing powder applied to the apples of the cheeks, above the brows and under the jaw line, will give an instant face lift.

Note that all bronzers are not created equal.

Avoid ones that are too dark and too light.  Find one that is just right.

Bronzer “Triangle of Light” guide. (Image by make-up artist Shantea Mac)

You should always appear to have a healthy glow and not an all-over orange hue like featured on Snooky.

To insure this application is correct, stick to the triangle of light diagram.

In conclusion, refreshing your beauty routine with these tips can take years off your look.

Practice makes perfect.

The classic make-up look will never leave you looking like last year’s fashion faux pas.

Instead you will always look fresh and fabulous.

As you can see, women like Kate Beckinsale and Jane Fonda always seem to get this look.

Kate Beckinsale (Image courtesy of
Jane Fonda (Image courtesy of