FEATURED VIDEO: Norton Commando Transformer

By  //  January 7, 2013

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computer-generated imagery

(ABOVE VIDEO: Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist)

A movie buff from a young age, Steve Twist has always been mesmerized by film.

Steve Twist (3dbuzz.com image)

Wanting to tell stories of his own, he turned his hand to any medium available, from scriptwriting to live action films recorded on camcorders, and even stop-motion animation with Legos. However, it was not until Twist went through 3D Buzz’s Maya Fundamentals course that he discovered the power of computer animation with Autodesk Maya, and in turn became obsessed with computer-generated imagery, particularly with visual effects for film.

This passion for visual effects led him to Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom, where, in 2009, he graduated with First Class Honors. While seeking his degree, he jumped at the opportunity to share his knowledge with a much wider audience by producing professional-level training videos for 3DBuzz, Inc.

Today, Twist is the Director of Houdini Education for 3D Buzz. He continues his education at Bournemouth University where he is now in the process of completing his Master of Science in Computer Animation and Visual Effects.