Local Firm’s High-Tech Bulb Draws Praise

By  //  February 23, 2013

Made In Satellite Beach

BREVARD COUNTY • SATELLITE BEACH, FLORIDA – Lighting Science Group Corporation of Satellite Beach, one of the world’s leading LED lighting technology companies, has announced that its DEFINITY™ PAR30 LED lamp has been recognized by the IEE, an Institute of the Edison Foundation, as one of the Top 10 best LED lamps.

Lighting Science Group’s DEFINITY™ PAR30 LED lamp has been recognized by the IEE as one of the Top 10 best LED lamps currently being manufactured. (Image courtesy of Lightning Science Group)

Using an innovative approach that factors in energy efficiency, light quality, cost, and consumer appeal, three energy efficiency leaders — IEE, TopTen USA, and Ecova — teamed up to provide consumers with a list of the Top 10 PAR 30 LED reflector light bulbs on the market today.

The study focused on LED PAR30 and PAR38 (parabolic aluminized reflector) lamps because of their significant potential for energy savings with consumers. With about 150 million incandescent or halogen lamps in use in U.S. households, the potential energy savings in switching to long-lasting LED reflector lamps is vast.

DEFINITY™ products from Lighting Science® are leading-edge LED replacement lamps that deliver performance and affordability to consumers. The advanced lamp line is a result of an LED system design that encompasses efficient energy saving power supplies, unique thermal solutions to foster exceptionally long lamp life and a top-tier optical system that results in spectacular light quality.

“Our goal was to make it easy for consumers to find the best LED reflector lamps,” said IEE Executive Director Lisa Wood, “and by best, we mean the most efficient, cost-effective, as well as consumer-friendly available.”

LED reflector lamps are typically 360 percent more energy efficient than halogen reflector lamps. LED reflector lamps also offer a longer operating life — typically in excess of 30,000 hours versus 2,000 hours for a halogen lamp.

And the light that LEDs cast can be just as warm, focused, and dimmable. But with hundreds of LED products to choose from, finding the best products is a challenge. Now, consumers have a guide to the top performing LED lamps.

“We believe that our LED lamps are a significant advancement in the science of light and key to a more efficient, sustainable and brighter future,” said Keith Scott, CCO of Lighting Science. “Consumers want solutions that make their homes feel comfortable and look even better. Our lamps enable our customers to achieve the best lighting results available today.”

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