Who Is the Greatest U.S. President? Cast Your Vote

By  //  February 18, 2013


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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – In observation of President’s Day 2013, SpaceCoastDaily.com wants to know who you think is the greatest president in history.

According to wikipedia.org, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are consistently ranked at the top of the lists.

According to wikipedia.orgGeorge WashingtonAbraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are consistently ranked at the top of the lists. Often ranked just below those Presidents are Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. The remaining places in the top ten are often rounded out by Harry S. TrumanWoodrow WilsonDwight D. EisenhowerJohn F. Kennedy, and Andrew Jackson.

The bottom ten are Warren G. HardingJames BuchananAndrew JohnsonFranklin PierceMillard FillmoreUlysses S. GrantGeorge W. BushZachary TaylorWilliam Henry Harrison, and John Tyler.

Political scientist Walter Dean Burnham noted the “dichotomous or schizoid profiles” of presidents, which can make some hard to classify. Historian Alan Brinkley said, “There are presidents who could be considered both failures and great or near great (for example, Nixon).”

David H. Donald, noted biographer of Lincoln, relates that when he met John F. Kennedy in 1962, Kennedy voiced his deep dissatisfaction and resentment with historians who had rated some of his predecessors. Kennedy said, “No one has a right to grade a President—even poor James Buchanan—who has not sat in his chair, examined the mail and information that came across his desk, and learned why he made his decisions.”


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  1. There have been many great Presidents, but none with the character, courage, respect of the people, and leadership ability like my choice: Theodore Roosevelt. One thing for sure, TR was the antithesis of Barry Sotero, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, whose elitist, condescending, “missing-in-action,” community organizing socialist approach to the presidency has devastated this country and ranks him 57th on the Presidency Performance list.

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