UCF Trustees Debate Student Privacy & Gun Rights

By  //  March 23, 2013

Trustee Rosen Calls for Frequent & Random Inspections of Dorms

In response to James Seevakumaran’s plot to massacre students at the University of Central Florida, members of UCF’s Board of Trustees hosted a public meeting to discuss polices regarding campus safety and student privacy rights. Rosen College founder & charter member Harris Rosen stated his support for “frequent” random inspections of student dorms. Rosen suggested inspections should be “akin to what [they do] in the military.”

Trustee Ida Cook disagreed with Rosen and emphasized the importance of student privacy.

“While we have a responsibility to maintain the facilities and ensure that students are safe and secure, they all, students, also have rights and I think that we need to look more closely at what the rights of the students are,” Cook said. ” I regret greatly that the man had the problems that he did and that he killed himself. I am grateful he did not kill others, but they have rights as well.”

UCF President John Hitt expressed his doubts over the effectiveness or random inspections.

“You could have done 50 inspections or 100 inspections and that individual still could brought those items to his room on one trip.” – Hitt said.

Do you side with Rosen & his call for more inspections, or do you agree with Cook’s support of students’ privacy rights? Share your thoughts in our comment section, below.

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(Quote Source: KnightNews.com)