Vehicle Crash Closes Newfound Harbor On Merritt Island

By  //  March 7, 2013


(IMAGES & VIDEO BY Michael Moore II)

BREVARD COUNTY • MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA – A single vehicle crash with a power pole on Newfound Harbor Dr. in Merritt Island occurred today.

Authorities currently have the street closed due to downed power lines, and is expected to stay closed for an “extended duration.” One patient has been transported to Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center via First Flight helicopter ambulance.



  1. Mike, that’s my house in the background. Can you send me any updates? How fast did they calculate the driver was going?

  2. We live nearby and we walked down to see what happened when our power went out and we heard the sirens.
    As soon as I saw the car I realized it’s the same young idiot who recently cut me off at the next intersection.
    I was driving north on Newfound Harbor toward 520 and she cut the corner diagonally to cut me off and she was going very fast and driving like a complete douche. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid her and it’s a good thing I was going the speed limit.
    I am shocked to find out it’s a 16 year old girl driving like this.
    At that age, you don’t have to experience to handle a car driving that fast plus to be so young and inexperienced and drive so aggressively!
    Hopefully she will learn her lesson and have to take some driving classes.

  3. Today to know how to drive is necessary, but many people are driving recklessly which cause them to face serious accidents. So if you are driving then it is very necessary to follow the rules and regulations and not to drive in a fast speed. For this, at the beginning you should take driving classes because they tells you about rules and regulations and trains you so that you can save yourselves from severe accidents.

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