Florida Firm Picks Area Product For Restaurant Lighting

By  //  April 3, 2013

Lamps Manufactured In Satellite Beach

BREVARD COUNTY • SATELLITE BEACH, FLORIDA – Lighting Science Group, one of the world’s leading LED lighting technology companies, has announced that it has partnered with LED Source® and Hurricane Grill & Wings® to install energy-savings lighting in its restaurants.

Lighting Science Group’s DEFINITY™ LED lamp has been chosen by Hurricane Grill and Wings to implement energy savings in its restaurants. (Image courtesy of Lightning Science Group)

Hurricane Grill & Wings®, a West Palm Beach-based restaurant chain, found it was able to reduce operating costs and ensure energy-efficiency by installing Definity™ LED lamps from Lighting Science throughout its franchised locations and maintain its company standard to ensure it operates as a responsible corporate citizen.

With the help of the design team from LED Source®, a lighting solutions provider, the restaurant selected LED lighting as the perfect solution to meet all its lighting needs. LED Source worked with Lighting Science to create the most advantageous payback for the franchise.

For the dining areas, public spaces and back-of-house locations, Definity 18W BR40 LED lamps at 18W each and Definity 15W QBR30 LED lamps at 15W each were installed.

Jeremy Cage is CEO of Lighting Science Group of Satellite Beach. (Image courtesy of Lighting Science Group)

“We are extremely happy that our Definity Professional LED lamp line was able to provide both an energy efficient and cost savings solution for Hurricane Grill & Wings,” said Jeremy Cage, CEO of Lighting Science. “The improved lighting will also elevate the diner’s overall experience – just another reason for Hurricane’s customers to keep returning time and again.”

By choosing the Definity LED lamps as the most appropriate solution for both in-energy efficiency and lighting quality, Hurricane Grill & Wings significant savings goal was met.

Because of the superior attributes of the Definity LED lamps, the total number of lamps required to light the restaurant was reduced, allowing for maximum energy and maintenance savings for Hurricane Grill & Wings to be achieved.

Lighting Science is headquartered in Satellite Beach and is a global leader in the design and development of lighting solutions that are environmentally friendlier and more energy efficient than traditional lighting products.

For more information, visit http://www.lsgc.com.