Fire Destroys Home On Matthew Dr. In Rockledge

By  //  May 14, 2013

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UPDATE: MAY 14, 2013 • 10 p.m.

A neighbor was playing basketball across the street when he spotted the fire and ran over to help.

“I Looked into the back porch and saw flames,” said Donald Maddy. “I ran back around to the front of the house and started banging on the front door, finally an occupant from the house came out.”

It turns out the man, his wife and roommate were sleeping when the fire broke out. All three made it out without injury. Neighbors were also able to pull a Harley Davidson motorcycle out of the garage, saving it from the flames.

American Red Cross Bridges the Gap

Pedro Quinones is no stranger to dangerous situations. “I have spent time in combat,” said Quinones. “I know what it’s like for people to have a need, and I like to give back.”

A retired military veteran, Quinones volunteers for The American Red Cross Mid Florida Region as a DAT Team lead.

A DAT team, short for Disaster Action Team, is a specially-trained group of volunteers that respond to community disasters such as fires. A DAT team can arrange for temporary shelter and assist people with emergency supplies of food, clothing and other immediate needs, such as replacement of medical prescriptions.

The structure fire on Matthew Dr. isn’t the only fire scene the American Red Cross will lend assistance to today. The Mid Florida chapter of the American Red Cross responds to an average of three fires each and every day.

“The first 72 hours is the most critical time,” Quinones said.

“We try to minimize the disruption to client’s lives. We can act immediately and respond quickly to their needs.” It’s easy to think of a disaster as a large scale event, but a single family fire is classified as a disaster in the eyes of the American Red Cross. The DAT team can help bridge the gap between the actual event and insurance or more permanent arrangements. In a house fire once FPL pulls that power meter the family no longer has a place to stay.”


“We always try and get the community involved” Quinones said. “We have a lot of programs people can participate in.If people don’t have the time to volunteer financial contributions of course make a big difference as well.”

The American Red Cross is located at 1700 Cedar Street in Rockledge. To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to find out how to donate call 321-890-1002.

CLICK HERE to connect to the local chapter on facebook. 

ORIGINAL POST: MAY 14, 2013 • 6 p.m..

BREVARD COUNTY • ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA – A structure fire was reported just before 5 p.m. today on Matthew Drive in Rockledge.

FIRE-RESCUE-180When firefighters arrived on scene they reported that 70 percent of the house was on fire, and the heat was so intense a neighbor had to use a hose to cool his roof. The structure is a complete loss, but their were no injuries reported in the blaze.

Minor damage to the neighboring properties including damaged fences.

At this time firefighters from the Rockledge Fire Department and Brevard County Fire Rescue are on scene mopping up the fire. There is no word on what caused the blaze and the State Fire Marshall is investigating.

The American Red Cross is responding to provide assistance to three occupants of the destroyed home.

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