Port Issues Statement of Intent To Terminate King

By  //  July 15, 2013

'sustained various policy violations'

ABOVE VIDEO: Ron King addresses the incident that occurred on April 2, 2013.

BREVARD COUNTY • PORT CANAVERAL – The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has completed its investigation of an incident involving Sgt. Ron King of the Port Canaveral Police Department, according a statement issued by the Port Canaveral Authority.

The not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial came down moments after I left a screening of “Fruitvale Station,” a film about the police-shooting death of Oscar Grant four years ago in Oakland. Much of the audience sat quietly sobbing as the closing credits rolled, moved by the narrative of a young black man, unarmed and senselessly gone. Words were not needed to express a common understanding: to Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, the seventeen-year-old he shot, fit the description; for black America, the circumstances of his death did. (BizzyBlanco.com image)
A target like this was  offered to another police officer by Ron King. (Image for SpaceCoastDaily.com)

The investigation involved an on-duty incident that occurred on April 2, 2013, when Sgt. King, a firearms instructor and supervisor, offered a silhouette firearms range target resembling Trayvon Martin to another police officer, according to the statement.

Ron King
Ron King

“Based upon that investigation, the Port Canaveral Police Chief has sustained various policy violations against Sgt. King and has issued King a notice of intent to terminate his employment,” said the statement.

“He now has an opportunity to respond to the charges before the Police Chief makes a final determination with respect to any disciplinary action. King also has a right to grieve any disciplinary action in accordance with the Canaveral Port Authority’s personnel policies.”