Retired Sheriff Parker Meets with Space Coast Preppers

By  //  July 23, 2013

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ABOVE VIDEO: Retired Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker discusses his meeting with the Space Coast Preppers.

Jack Parker
Jack Parker

BREVARD COUNTY, VIERA,FLORIDA — Retired Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker was the featured guest speaker at the Space Coast Preppers July meeting. 

Throughout Parker’s speech, the former top cop of Brevard offered advice on self defense inside your home. Parker also fielded questions from group members regarding the advantages and disadvantages of self defense items ranging from pepper sprays to stun guns and firearms.

Parker stressed the importance of becoming self-reliant in order to be prepared for crisis situations when the government can’t provide immediate assistance.

“The government tries to be all things to al people, but they quickly learn that in a crisis situation, they have a hard time getting rid of a bag of ice,” Parker said. “The reality of it is that the best thing we can do for any catastrophe or breakdown is to be prepared for a long period without power, whether it’s from a hurricane or any type of natural disaster.”

Founded by Brian Duprey, the Space Coast Preppers were founded to help community members prepare for emergencies. Duprey realized the importance of preparation during the summer of 2004, when his home was without power for an extended period of time.

“We share tips and tricks and learn from each other and that’s the biggest thing for us” Duprey said. “We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We gather information and prepare for any situation. We meet once a month for our main meetings, and another one or two times a month we’ll have classes for canning, first aid and different things.”

Six months after the group was launched, Duprey estimates approximately 60 active members, with approximately 1,000 followers on their website. Visit for more info and watch our interviews with the Mr. Duprey and organizer Brad Graves, below.

Food canning & long term preservation techniques are among the skills taught during a Space Coast Preppers workshop. Image courtesy of Space Coast Preppers.
Food canning & long term preservation techniques are among the skills taught during a Space Coast Preppers workshop. (Space Coast Preppers image)