Tax-Free School Supplies Ends Today

By  //  August 4, 2013


Image courtesy of Jeff Atwater’s office

TALLAHASEE, FLORIDA — Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater is encouraging Floridians to take advantage of Tax-Free School Supplies during the weekend.

The 2013 tax-free school supplies holiday includes computers and related accessories for $750 or less per item, shoes, clothes and accessories of $75 or less and school supplies costing $15 or less.

In addition to standard school supplies typically on the list, this year’s list includes: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, ink cartridges, data storage, batteries, cables and headphones.

Below is an excerpt rom Florida CFO Jeff Atwater’s email blast titled “Dollars and Sense”

Dear Fellow Floridian:

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater
Florida CFO Jeff Atwater

“The back-to-school sales tax holiday begins today and continues throughout this weekend, August 2-4. I encourage Florida families and students to take advantage of this opportunity and save on much-needed items as the school year nears. This weekend is also a great time for families and students to review their financial plan or to create one if they have not already done so.

My Department of Financial Services’ “Your Money Matters” initiative offers students and families alike information that will help them stay in control of their finances. “Your Money Matters” outlines financial aid options, how financial need is determined, how to calculate the true cost of education, and how to complete the financial aid application process. It also includes financial calculators to help you explore your own financial information in detail and assess financial choices.

Studies show that two-thirds of graduates who earn four-year bachelor degrees have an average student loan debt of more than $26,000 upon graduation, with a quarter of graduates owing more than $54,000. However, despite the cost, education remains the foundation of a stable future, and it’s not just for an individual, but for our entire state.

You hold the keys to creating a better financial future for yourself, your family and our state. It starts at home, so talk with your family, discuss financial options and set a strong example. Take control of your finances today so your finances won’t control you in the future.”

Jeff Atwater
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida