YOUR OPINION: ‘Ineptocrats’ Have Torqued Off Voters

By  //  November 14, 2013

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Today was the start of Obama and Co. coming clean with America on the real numbers and mess surrounding Obamacare. 

I’ll start with a simple math formula for everyone to put this in stark terms.

5,000,000 minus 106,000 = 4,894,000

opinion-1802This is the number of our fellow Americans that now DON’T have healthcare as a result of Ineptocratness (new word to add to the national vernacular).  This is the number that lost healthcare they were promised they could keep less the ones that rushed to get the new plans the exchange offers.

Here is another number for you:  595,000, that’s how many people Obama projected would sign up the first month; or a whopping 1/5th of those they projected.

Reality is we now know that the website is a mess and according to today’s testimony it could only handle about 1200 users at once before servers crashed.  Far below the required 50,000 simultaneous users to even make this a normal e-commerce type website.  Let’s take that little shocker one step further as well.  A website that should handle 50,000 users at a time crashed with about 1,200 but the plans that website offered only pulled in 1/5th of the projected new enrollees Obama said it would.  In short this may be the worst website roll out in U. S. history albeit private or government run!  No one wants the plans this mess offers and 4.9 million Americans are now without coverage as a result of the lies…lets address that next.

The Obamaponzi has also been exposed for what it is.  This new plan requires 3,000,000 under 35 Americans this year to sign up just to pay the bills of the new uninsured and those that come in with pre-existing conditions.  This Ponzi scheme is the entire basis of the plan.  Without these 3,000,000 under 35 year olds in the system paying in for years to fund the others the system fails or your taxes will sky rocket.  I’ll also contend that the budget fight last month was based in large part on this failed math as they knew that America may have to take on an extra 5,000,000,000 in new debt alone in the next five years to just cover Obamacare so they fought a balanced budget deal.

Democrats (Ineptocrats). I predict they will come out by this Friday calling for a one year pause on Obamacare to get through the 2014 mid-term elections.  They have no choice because Americans from the left are not buying plans so they have no voter base other than about 106,000 coast to coast they can count on as backers of the plan plus they now have 5,000,000 voters so torqued off that they will vote anyone and everyone out of office for the damage they did to their families.

Bill Clinton came out the day before these numbers (you think he did not know) and blasted Obama, why is that?  He is covering Hillary in advance of 2016 and as Clinton goes so do the Democrats even to this day.  Every Senator and red state Congressman will do the same and Obama could be looking at a 2014 train wreck of epic proportions.  So where does that leave conservatives today?

The plan going forward is simple.  We tell the Americans the truth with the numbers to back us up as we said when we fought this mess tooth and nail for a reason.  There is no money to cover the new enrollees, there are 5,000,000 and growing Americans out of health care, there are is an 80 percent net negative sign up ratio on the website, a reflection of the plans, the oversight, the costs and the leadership.  There are few young people enrolling and as I stated above the only way this new Obamaponzi works is if 35 and under Americans enroll.

In short we offer a solution based on these core tenants:

• Buy across state lines, no exceptions.
• All 5,000,000 get their plan back in the next 30 days and Republicans introduce that legislation NOW!
• We demand a one year freeze and review of the entire law and the infrastructure now running it.
• We push for Sebilius to resign and hang that albatross around any liberal running for re-election.
• Tort reform to end lawsuit abuse in the healthcare system.
• Last and most of all, we refuse to introduce or debate any new legislation other then the national debt until this is fixed or we have a 2014 mandate election!

We do these things above and the new progressive era ends under the weight of its own flaws.


Victor Luebker grew up on the Southside of Chicago and comes from a very humble background.  Early in life he lived in a home, run by his teenage single Mom living on foodstamps and welfare and has gone on to live the American dream.  He speaks to veterans about life after combat, at risk kids, and businesses and is a vocal opponent to the entitlement state and all it’s flaws having lived them first hand. Luebker is a great conservative and motivational speaker with the resume to back it up.  His story is one of hope and inspiration that he shares with others.

Victor Luebker
Victor Luebker

He is a retired 22 year Air Force veteran of Bosnia, the first Gulf War, and OIF/OEF. Vic found a lack of peer-to-peer counseling and career services devoted to the most wounded our PTSD and TBI vets and speands countless hours supporting veterans causes. Luebker has three degrees, and is currently working on a forth.  He works on state and national legislation and speaks to Congress about issues effecting veterans and families.

With a diverse public and private sector background to include C-level and senior manager level experience, first sergeant duty, top sales executive, business owner, motivational speaker, coach and advisor to wounded warriors and volunteerism for numerous organizations, Vic brings vision and experience.  Vic is the WINNER of the Presidential Lifetime Volunteer Service Award, the most prestigious award of it’s kind!   Vic also served as the President of the San Antonio Coalition for Veterans growing it to over 100 partners where he started a program to distribute food and clothing to homeless and impoverished veterans and families in Bexar County.

He was a candidate for the 23rd Congressional district of Texas in 2010 and founder of the armed forces tea party in 2008.  He is also the Executive Producer of the Salute to Veterans PSA that won two national awards at the 31st annual Telly Awards.