WestJet ‘Christmas Miracle’ Goes Viral On YouTube

By  //  December 18, 2013

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Check out this YouTube video that highlights a Canadian airline’s brilliant promotional idea to provide a real-time encounter with Santa via a kiosk as passengers on two flights check in, and then delivery of the gifts that they had requested from Santa at the end of the 4-hour flight in baggage claim of their destinations.

WestJet passengers scanned their boarding passes for a real-time visit with a blue-clad Santa Claus.

Twenty seven million people have viewed WestJet’s 5-minute “Christmas Miracle” video, which has become the viral online hit of the season.

While the two flights were airborn, over 175 WestJet workers scrambled to buy everything the passengers had asked for from the blue-clad kiosk Santa. In all they wrapped and labeled 357 gifts, which they purchased at discounted prices from Best Buy and other partners at a nearby mall.  Presents included cameras, phones, clothing, socks, underwear and even a big-screen TV, just to name a few. Ken dolls were provided for the women who had asked for husbands, and toy cars for the people who asked Santa for a new car.

The reaction of the unsuspecting passengers as the gifts roll down the baggage carousel is heartwarming and fun, and would even put a smile on the Grinch’s face.