NAT GEO VIDEO: The World’s Most Powerful Storms

By  //  July 25, 2014

Watch an Incredible Time-Lapse Video

ABOVE VIDEO: Watch an Incredible Time-Lapse Video of Severe Thunderstorms. (National Geographic video)

Hurricanes 101: A Primer About the World’s Most Powerful Storms
Did you know that an average hurricane unleashes as much energy in one day as half a million small atomic bombs? Watch to learn even more about these intense storms.
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Weather: Summer’s Hot Topic

Summer’s weather extremes, ranging from unpleasant to downright dangerous, are always a hot topic of conversation.

(National Geographic image)

Make sure you have something to share! Watch an incredible time-lapse video of severe thunderstorms.

Take a look at some epic storm photos. Browse a gallery of weather gone wild. Read five dire warnings about climate change. See how shrinking Arctic ice is prompting a change in our atlas.

Check out images of tornadoes, floods, snow, and tsunamis, then learn tips for photographing the weather.

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