Netterstroms Host John Craig Fundraiser

By  //  July 11, 2014

Brevard School Board District 2 Candidate

ABOVE VIDEO: John Craig, candidate for Brevard County School Board District 2, talks about his background, campaign platform and his vision for the future of Brevard County public schools. 

BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA – Dave and Sherry Netterstrom hosted a fundraiser for John Craig, candidate for school board, at their charming waterfront home in Cocoa Beach.

Netterstrom is Mayor of Cocoa Beach.

Craig is running for the Brevard County School Board District 2 seat and said:

John Craig
John Craig

“I am a firm believer in servant leadership and am committed to making the School Board more responsive to the students and parents, teachers and taxpayers. I will listen to and involve all constituents in the decision making process and keep everyone informed on the issues that impact the quality of our schools.

My Navy career has taught me the power of teamwork and how to mend fractured relationships to develop a cross-organizational team that attacks problems with consistency and common values.

My business and education career has taught me to understand large budgets and how to realize efficiencies using sound business practices and common sense. And, while I am fiscally conservative, I understand the importance of making logical investments in our schools to improve the education levels our children need to compete in today’s world.”

LEFT TO RIGHT: John Craig and Susie Wasdin (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Ridenour with Vonnie and Chas Hoyman (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: John Craig, Carol Craig and Ray Baldino (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Phelps and Robyn Hattaway (Nancy Lundell image)
John Craig, center with Jennette and Tom Ramsay (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Mikolajczyk and Polly Mollnar (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Baldino with Ali and David Kabboord (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Hostess Sherry Netterstrom (center) with Dick and Judy George (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Abbey and Curt Redden with Elsa Clark and Cathy Grainger (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Rhonda Adair Lee, Ali Kabboord and Shelby Lee (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Brandt and Host Dave Netterstrom with Mary and Mason Williams (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Lori Mangiaracina and Kristen Worley (Nancy Lundell image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim and Beth Hagerty (Nancy Lundell image)