American Flag 5K Set For October 4

By  //  August 23, 2014

ABOVE VIDEO:  LTC (Ret.) Tim Thomas, a teacher at Viera High School, on the American Flag 5K.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The American Flag Act 5K run is set for Saturday Oct. 4 at Viera High School Stadium.

The American Flag Act 5K run on Saturday, October 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Viera High School Stadium.

The purpose of this run is to show support for the Support the American Flag Act which mandates that all city, county, and state government buildings fly American Flags that are made in the United States from materials also made in the United States of America.

It’s also an opportunity for us as Americans to come together to celebrate the heritage we all share.

Prior to the start of the run, there will be a special Salute to America which will include recognition of Veterans, Presentation of Colors, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey
Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Additionally, Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Major General (Ret) John Cleland will provide inspirational remarks about what the American Flag means to them and why they support the American Flag Act.

Everyone is encouraged to display patriotism by wearing Red, White and Blue, or dressing up as their favorite historical symbol or historical figure. Prizes will be awarded to those that are the best patriotic dressed. Everyone that attends will get their very own American Flag to wave.

Challenged to be good citizens and active in the democratic process, History students at Viera and Eua Gaullie High Schools sought out opportunities to make a difference and show their patriotism in their communities. In their endeavors, they discovered that the United States spends $4 million per year on American Flags made in China.

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The students were appalled that a communist country like China would be permitted to make a flag that is the symbol of freedom, hope and liberty throughout the world.

The students sought to ensure this practice ended in Florida by introducing the Support the American Flag Act which would require city, county and state government buildings to fly American flags that are made in the U.S. from products that are also made here in the US.

This Act became House Bill 201 and never made it out of committee during the last legislative session. The students are not giving up the fight and will file the Bill for the next legislative session.

Admission is free but individual and corporate donations are encouraged. Please visit for more information.

ABOVE VIDEO: Sheriff Wayne Ivey supports the American Flag 5k.