Atwater: Crist Walked Away In Florida’s Toughest Hour

By  //  August 27, 2014

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida CFO Jeff Atwater describes Florida economic recovery compared to its population growth. Video courtesy of League of Southeastern Credit Unions.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater  Florida CFO Jeff Atwater released the following statement regarding Charlie Crist’s Primary Election victory.

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VIDEO: Atwater Hammers Cuomo On National TV
Florida CFO Jeff Atwater
Florida CFO Jeff Atwater

“Being Governor requires one to make tough decisions. When Charlie Crist was asked to step up and make the hard decisions, he walked away. Rather than acting with fiscal discipline and tossing a life-line to hundreds of thousands of families he walked away. Rather than putting effort into actions that would create jobs he walked away. Charlie Crist walked away in our toughest hour and didn’t give a care in the world about suffering Floridians because he thought it was in the best interest of his political future to avoid the hard times and hard decisions. Now that Floridians have picked themselves up and made their own tough choices guess who is back and hoping they forgot about his great political escape at their expense? Charlie Crist, the people of Florida will not forget what you did and how you ran when they needed a leader. You proved to all of us that the only decisions you are willing to make are the ones that are best for your own political future. This time we know better, Charlie.”