Highlights From RMC Brevard Political Debate

By  //  August 22, 2014


INDIAN HARBOUR FLORIDA — In front of a standing-room only crowd on Thursday night, the Republican Mens’ Club of Brevard hosted debates for Florida Senate District 16 and Florida House District 53.

Candidates Monique Miller and Thad Altman are running in the Florida Senate District 16 Republican Primary.

Popular issues included the implementation of “Common Core” curriculum, gun control, illegal immigration, state funding of space exploration and a proposed high-speed commercial train system known as All Aboard Florida.

Throughout the debates, incumbents defended their records during past legislative sessions in Tallahassee.

Sen.Thad Altman (Dist.16) cited his votes toward programs for space programs and veterans, while Rep. John Tobia (Dist. 53) pointed to legislation he supported in opposition to Common Core as well as his attempt to stop a bill that granted in-state college tuition rates for children of illegal immigrants in Florida.

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Candidates John Tobia (Pictured left) and Tim Street are running in the Florida House District 53 Republican Primary. Photo courtesy of RIck Armstrong.

Challengers Monique Miller, running for State Senate District 16 and Tim Street, running for State House District 53, stressed the need for a proactive rather than reactive approach toward cutting spending and reducing regulations.

Miller categorized Altman’s opposition to All Aboard Florida as late-stage political gimmick, and Street charged Tobia with taking a passive stance against Common Core until it came under scrutiny of the voting public.

On the issue of gun control, Altman touted his 110% NRA rating, while Miller suggested legislators should refrain from meddling with any existing gun legislation.

Street referenced Tobia’s low score with the NRA as well as Tobia’s vote against Rep. Jason Brodeur’s House Bill 155, (Also known a the “Docs vs. Glocks bill) which prevents physicians from seeking or recording a patient’s firearm ownership information for medical records.

Highlights from both debates are posted below.

Florida State Senate Candidates: Thad Altman vs. Monique Miller

ABOVE VIDEO: Candidate Monique Miller Discusses Public vs. Free Market for Funding Space Exploration.

ABOVE VIDEO:  State Senator Thad Altman Discusses Public Funding for the Space Program.

Florida State Representatives for District 53 Candidates: Tim Street vs. John Tobia

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida State Rep. District 53 candidate Tim Street criticizes John Tobia’s record.

ABOVE VIDEO: District 53 State Rep. John Tobia defends his record.

ABOVE VIDEO: Tim Street on illegal immigration.

ABOVE VIDEO: John Tobia on illegal immigration.

ABOVE VIDEO: Tim Street on Common Core Curriculum.

ABOVE VIDEO: John Tobia on Common Core Curriculum.

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida State Rep. District 53 Candidate Tim Street’s closing statement.

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida District 53 State Rep. John Tobia Closing Statement.