Video: Scott’s Statement On ISIS Execution Of Sotloff

By  //  September 3, 2014

ABOVE VIDEO: Upon receiving news of the execution of former UCF student Steven Sotloff, Gov. Rick Scott read a statement regarding ISIS and cancelled his planned campaign rally.

Below is the transcript of Governor Scott’s statement regarding ISIS’ execution of STeven Sotloff.

“On behalf of Ann and myself, and on behalf of all the people of Florida, we want to convey our sorrow and our condolences to the entire Sotloff family.  We cannot begin to understand their grief. 

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“The people who did this are evil. They are not merely wrong, they are not adversaries, they are evil.  And evil must be confronted and destroyed. In fact, these immoral animals reject the basic code of human morality that crosses all cultures.  This is not a political or international disagreement. It is a case of barbarians choosing to set themselves apart from the rest of humanity. 

scott-statement-180“Here is what they need to understand – Steve Sotloff was a Floridian, but more importantly he was an American. If you attack one American, you are attacking all Americans. Last week President Obama said that his Administration does not at present have a strategy for dealing with ISIS – these immoral evil people.

“I think I can speak for all Floridians and all Americans when I say that the time for a strategy is now, and part of that strategy needs to include destroying them.”

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