Viral Video: Cop Shoots Pit Bull With Taser

By  //  September 27, 2014


ABOVE VIDEO: A pit bull that was Tasered by a Flagler County sheriff’s deputy and later euthanized “chewed its way through the door” of a bedroom and bit a total of three people before animal control officers could contain the dog, according to a sheriff’s report. (Video by Flagler County Police Department)

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PALM COAST, FLORIDA — Deputies arrived at 16 Princess Luise Lane at 1:39 p.m. Tuesday after two women had already been bitten by the dog.

Georgia Rose, 36, “had visible bite marks on both of her hands and wrists,” deputy Trevor Jacob reported. Thelma Rose, 62, “had injuries on her head and left wrist.”

Thelma Rose had locked herself and Georgia Rose’s baby in the bathroom afterward because she was “in fear of the dog,” the report states. Georgia Rose can be seen on the video from the deputy’s body camera talking to the two through the bathroom window.

“Baby don’t cry,” she said.

The deputy and 32-year-old Ancel Rose entered the garage to get Thelma Rose and the baby out of the bathroom when the dog attacked again.

“At this time, I heard a male screaming in distress at the front of the home,” Jacob reported.

He unholstered his Taser and made his way to the front of the house where Lloyd Rose was “attempting to secure the dog.”

“Once at the front of the home, I observed the pit bull actively biting Lloyd’s arm as he was trying to restrain it by the collar,” the report states.

The deputy Tasered the dog, which gave Lloyd Rose an opportunity to get away.

“As the Taser was cycling, I ordered everyone to move back and to get in the house,” Jacob said. “As Lloyd was walking to the front door the Taser cycle ended and the dog got back up and advanced toward Lloyd. I then used another cycle of the Taser to keep the dog from harming Lloyd again.”