VIDEO: Art & Algorithms Now Underway In Titusville

By  //  October 4, 2014

Hands-on Interactive Fun, STREET FESTIVAL

ABOVE VIDEO: The 2014 Art & Algorithms is now underway in Titusville and features a Film Festival, Custom 3D Projection Mapping, International Artists,  Digital Galleries, Hands-on Interactive Fun and Street Festival in Titusville on Florida’s Space Coast.

BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA  – Art & Algorithm 2014 brings arts in the digital domain, to the Space Coast and on the streets of Downtown Titusville, with surprising films, experimental visuals and hands-on interactive.

Digital mapping and huge scale building projection, digital arts, celebrity artists, launch party, digital lounge, interactive alley and much more. Titusville is just a hop and a skip away from Kennedy Space Center and during the festival you may have the opportunity to rub shoulders with rocket engineers and astronauts. Keep watching.

Picture8-300x172Art & Algorithms—October 3-12, 2014,  features international films, spectacular 3-D animation projection, and a featured digital artist from the U.K. The festival will bring together contemporaries in international digital arts from U.S. and Europe within an interactive street party atmosphere. Artists Nathan Selikoff, David Montgomery, Mark Franz and the creative Ninjineer Studios will return from the inaugural Art & Algorithms with new and exciting digital work. Highlights of the festival include:

  • Our featured artist from the UK, Andrew Brooks is known for monumental fantasy landscapes created from many mega-resolution digital images that have been described as having “a touch of the cosmic in lots of the fantastical panoramas.”


TheSignatureFestivalEventExterior building 3-D projection – Imagine a large scale, three dimensional video on the side of a building in downtown Titusville. Action-packed, larger than life projection is the anchor entertainment during the opening and closing weekends of the festival.

Holographic&Lenticula-ExhibitWhat are the limits of digital art? How about creating art in a virtual world, where you have to enter into a place like Second Life in order to view it? Or what about artists who collaborate from around the world to create undulating animations that build on images of insects and plants? Or art that asks for your input, making you a part of the process and the result?  The limits of digital art are the same limits of the human imagination…

FilmFestivalAward-winning digital short films from around the world will be showing at the Titusville Playhouse. The International Film Show is curated by Clifton Stewart, who will come from the UK and be one of our artists at the festival, bringing both an international festival sensibility and films representing many cultures and points of view.


Digital graffiti walls, demonstrations by guest artists,  international artist interactions, digital hands on fun, and more in the works…

Titusville is just a hop and a skip away from Kennedy Space Center and during the festival you may have the opportunity to rub shoulders with rocket engineers and astronauts. Keep watching.