VIDEO: Luke Wilson – How I Made My ‘Satellite Beach’

By  //  October 4, 2014

follows the unique journey of the Endeavour

ABOVE VIDEO:  ‘Satellite Beach’, an award winning film directed by actor Luke Wilson and his brother Andrew follows the unique journey of the Endeavour space shuttle as it travels through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center. Watch as Warren Flowers, a devoted and unlikely shuttle manager navigates the mission on his own accord while the citizens, reporters, and officials are perplexed by his involvement.

Luke Wilson Opens Up On Writing, Co-Directing and Starring In An Evocative New Short Film

In the fall of 2012, the actor Luke Wilson and a small film crew trailed the Space Shuttle Endeavor as it moved through the Los Angeles streets to the California Science Center.

Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson

Wilson, along with his brother Andrew, shot largely improvised footage of a character named Warren Flowers (played by Wilson) who believes he is in charge of the shuttle’s journey; the footage became a 20-minute evocative short film called  Satellite Beach (now available to purchase online).

For Wilson, the experience allowed him the chance to make a film in a different way and to explore space travel, a subject he says he finds compelling.

A hit at festivals, where it’s snapped up a string of awards, Satellite Beach is an unusual film, and one that deftly twists the viewer’s expectations while showcasing what it was like to drive a space shuttle through LA’s busy streets.

Wilson spoke with TIME about how this project materialized, how it challenged him as an actor, and why it’s set him and Andrew up to direct an upcoming feature film.