County Manager Plans ‘Developer’s Roundtables’ Initiative

By  //  November 18, 2014

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FOCUS on growth issues, development activities

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – County Manager Stockton Whitten invites members of the development community to take part in “Developer’s Roundtables” for discussions on growth issues, development activities and building trends in the county.

stockton whitten-180
Stockton Whitten

Whitten’s goal is to bring key County department heads to the table with members of the development community on a quarterly basis.

The roundtables invite open discussions on processes and issues on both sides of the table.

The emphasis is to address potential and appropriate improvements that will reduce misunderstandings and increase efficiencies.

The initial step in the process is to plan the date and time of the first Developer’s Roundtable.

Whitten is asking area developers interested in taking part to contact his office so the meeting can be coordinated and scheduled. Notices will then be sent out.

Please contact the County Manager’s Office at 321-633-2002.