VIDEO: Fire Rescue Bird’s Eye View of Training

By  //  November 22, 2014

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Dräger Swede Survival training system

ABOVE VIDEO: A drone captured Brevard County Fire Rescue crews during Firefighting training. 

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Brevard County Fire Rescue utilizes the Dräger Swede Survival training system, a live fire training simulator that is a multi-level configuration of metal shipping containers in which firefighters can practice staging, entry techniques, and search and rescue techniques. 

The building is designed and engineered for the controlled burning of normal, Class A combustibles (wood, paper, etc.) to replicate conditions experienced during interior structural firefighting scenarios.

The building features a burn room on each floor, a standpipe system for training crews on high-rise fires, a roof ventilation training area, and multiple locations where fireground ladder placement techniques can be mastered.

Flashover Simulator

A flashover occurs when a fire heats the contents of an enclosed space to the point that they all ignite simultaneously, burning everything within that space.

BCFR-180-12The Flashover Simulator provides firefighters the ability to watch the stages of fire development in a controlled environment.

Instructors are able to demonstrate fire behavior and teach firefighters appropriate fire suppression techniques based on the fire growth.

The ultimate goal is to teach every member of the department to recognize, prevent, and survive a flashover scenario on the fire ground.