Scott: Raising Federal Gas Tax Will Hurt Families

By  //  January 14, 2015

gas tax increase

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDAGovernor Rick Scott issued the following statement on the potential increase of the federal gas tax.

Rick Scott
Rick Scott

“Raising taxes is never a good solution to any problem, and raising the federal gas tax is no exception. Increasing the federal gas tax will be a direct burden to every consumer and slow economic growth. Although the price of gas has come down recently, raising taxes now will still be a major cost to Florida families. Here in Florida, we have been able to historically fund our world class infrastructure system at record levels while balancing our budget, lowering our debt and cutting taxes 40 times. We are also working to cut taxes by $1 billion over the next two years. I strongly urge Congress not to raise the federal gas tax or any tax and instead come up with innovative solutions to fund priorities as we have done in Florida.”

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