VIDEO: Big Hippo Chases Safari Speedboat In Zimbabwe

By  //  January 15, 2015

Move at speeds up to 5 mph in water

ABOVE VIDEO: Shows a hippo chasing down a safari boat that appears to have gotten too close (Credit: Facebook/Michael Varndell)

ZIMBABWE, AFRICA – Going on an adventure with the Malawian Style tour company is always a memorable experience, but this close encounter with a hippo must be the most unforgettable yet.

This video shows the moment a hippo burst through the surface of the water after pursuing a speedboat that was moving through Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

There’s nothing like getting too close for comfort when you’re far away from land.

Adult hippos move at speeds up to 8 km/h (5 mph) in water; typically resurfacing to breathe every three to five minutes. The young have to breathe every two to three minutes.

Hippopotamuses are territorial only in water, where a bull presides over a small stretch of river, on average 250 m (270 yd) in length, and containing 10 females. The largest pods can contain over 100 hippos.

A hippo’s lifespan is typically 40–50 years.