Video Captures Events Leading To Death of Police Officer

By  //  January 15, 2015

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ABOVE: This video illustrates the real world constant danger that the nation’s law enforcement officers encounter every day during seemingly routine calls. (

Illustrates the Real Life, and Death, Peril That Law Enforcement Officers Must Contend

With all the recent discussion in the media about the dangers that law enforcement officers live with everyday, this chilling video illustrates the real life, and death, peril these outstanding men and women must contend with, and the split-second decisions they must make daily as part of their job.

The above newly released video, captured by Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart’s body camera, shows the chilling moment when a suspect drew a gun and fired a volley of bullets that killed him last month.

Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart’s camera caught the deadly encounter with Robert Smith, whose girlfriend had called police last December to report he had trashed her apartment.

The video begins with Officer Stewart, 24, who was responding to the domestic violence call, getting out of his police car.

Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart

The video then detail’s Stewart’s non-confrontational interview of Smith, and ends with Smith pulling out a .22 caliber revolver and firing six shots – four striking Officer Stewart in the head.

Smith then shot himself dead, and Stewart, who was only 24, later died at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Editor’s Note: This video, which was released by police in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, does not show the actual shooting.

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