BBC Filmmaker Refuses To Identify Living Nazis

By  //  February 2, 2015

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cites BBC 'policy' of confidentiality

Auschwitz The Nazis and the Final Solution… by singaporegeek

FOXNEWS.COM – A leading Nazi-era expert working on a landmark BBC documentary about Auschwitz located “hundreds” of still-living former guards and other workers of the death camp – but refused to turn their names over to prosecutors, citing the British broadcasting giant’s “policy” of confidentiality, according to

The names surfaced during the making of “Auschwitz: The Nazis and ‘The Final Solution,” a six-part series that tells how the Third Reich put more than one million Jews and other Nazi-designated “inferiors” to death at the camp during World War II.

Researchers who worked on the 2005 documentary later boasted of finding hundreds of former Nazis still alive and mostly living in Germany – men who may have been guilty of war crimes while guarding the infamous concentration camp. Literature promoting the series, including a book about it, touted the painstaking work done to find living Nazis who escaped justice.

“It’s an extraordinary testament to the research staff that we have found a number of people who actually openly talk about participating in the killing process,” wrote the documentary’s writer and producer, Laurence Rees, former head of BBC TV history programs.


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