Chocolate A Staple On Valentines Day

By  //  February 3, 2015

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The History Of Chocolate

EDITOR’S NOTE: On the one day of the year in which chocolate takes center stage as a traditional Valentines gift, take a few minutes and go through the WebMD “History of Chocolate” slideshow excerpted below. There is mounting data that suggests chocolate consumption not only improves brain function but may also be associated with a host of other health benefits. However, despite its Valentine popularity and a history of chocolate being purported to be a seductive substance, there is no evidence to support it as an aphrodisiac. 

Chocolate Is Today’s Healthy Treat

WEBMD (slideshow)–Chocolate. There are few foods that evoke as much passion as this decadent treat. Folklore from many cultures claimed that consuming chocolate instilled faith, health, strength, and sexual passion. Once an indulgence of royalty, it is now a treasured and accessible – and yes, even healthy – treat. So where did our infatuation with chocolate begin?

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