River Monster Reeled In By Italian Man, Weighs In At 280

By  //  February 24, 2015

released it back into the delta

A wels catfish bigger than 6.5 feet is considered extremely rare. This one was 8.8 feet. (Image by the Sportex Italia Facebook page)

PO DELTA, ITALY –Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari, an expert at catching big wels catfish, landed himself an enormous 280-pounder in the Po Delta, a part of the Po River, the longest river in Italy at more than 400 miles.

The wels catfish is the second-largest freshwater fish in its region, ranking behind the beluga sturgeon. The largest beluga sturgeon on record is reportedly 3,463 pounds.

Ferrari told GrindTV that the fish took an artificial bait on the surface and the fight from the boat lasted 40 minutes.

The Mirror and NT News reported that the biggest wels catfish ever recorded was a 9.1-footer from the Po Delta but they differ on its weight—one reporting it as 308 pounds, the other as 317 pounds.

Regardless, Ferrari’s fish is one of the biggest wels catfish recorded in recent history.

The best part about Ferrari’s catch is that after he and his brother, Dario, weighed the fish, they released it back into the delta so it could fight again another day.

After weighing the wels catfish, Dino and Dario Ferrari released the beast back into the Po Delta. (Image the Sportex Italia Facebook page)
Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari with his 280-pound wels catfish from the Po Delta. It might be a world record on rod and reel. (Image by the Sportex Italia Facebook page)