READ: Police Release Affidavit In Palm Bay Murder Case

By  //  March 23, 2015


Jessica Lacey McCarty, 33, of Palm Bay waived her right to attend a first court hearing on Sunday. (BCSO images)

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The Palm Bay Police released the below information in an affidavit concerning the murder of three children: Philip McCarty, 6 Laci McCarty, 7 and Christopher Swist, 5-months.  Jessica Lacey McCarty, 33, the mother of all three children, is charged in the murders.


Before me, a judge of the county/circuit court, in and for Brevard County, personally appeared Lewis Jones, who being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is a Detective with the Palm Bay Police Department, and in that capacity did investigate a complaint of Murder and Attempted Murder that occurred on March 20th, 2015 located at 1169 Kenmore Street NW Palm Bay Florida.

On March 20th, 2015 at 1757 hours, the communications center of the Palm Bay Police Department received a call from a female who identified herself as Jessica. Jessica indicated she has slit her wrist and has a firearm. She indicated her three children are dead in the home. The call originated from telephone number 321-608-5984 and plotted to 1169 Kenmore Street N.W. Palm Bay. Jessica had also sent her infant’s father (Christopher Swist) photographs of blood throughout the residence.

He also notified the communications center upon receiving the text message and responded to the scene. (1) Upon officers’ officers’ arrival to 1169 Kenmore Street, Jessica was found at the front door with a knife in her hand and detained by less lethal measures.

Christopher was on scene and found his son, Christopher Swist (date of birth 10/08/2014) in a bed room. The infant was lying on the bed unresponsive with a cord around his neck. Christopher removed his son from the residence and began CPR in the front yard prior to officers’ arrival. Officers’ entered the residence and the oldest child Phillip McCarty was discovered in the corner of the living room by Officer Trammel. Phillip was unresponsive and had a cord wrapped around his neck.

Officer Trammel removed the cord and began CPR on Phillip. Officer Ortiz responded to the same bedroom the infant was discovered in and found Lacey McCarty (date of birth 06/13/2007) unresponsive on the bed. Lacey’s clothing was soaking wet and Officer Ortiz began CPR.

All three children were transported to the hospital via ambulance as was Jessica. At 1905 hours, Lacey was pronounced deceased. Phillip and Christopher were transported to Palm bay Community Hospital, where it was later decided that the children were to be transported to Florida Hospital.

While Phillip was being transported to Florida Hospital, he coded and had to be re-eouted to Wuesthoff Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Christopher continued to be transported to Florida Hospital and is listed in unstable condition and is on maximum life support system. Jessica is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at Holmes Regional Medical Center in stable condition.

Detective Diebel advised me that he observed an open journal on the dashboard of the green Hyundai Tucson bearing Florida tag AUAP2I located in the driveway. He could see an open page that was written “To my family”.

The note indicated she was sorry for what she had to do. The other page was addressed to Chris, asking him to keep Christopher’s name alive.

Upon serving a search warrant at 1169 Kenmore later in the evening, I observed a black cord in the corner of the living room where Phillip was discovered by Officer Trammel. There was blood throughout the living room and kitchen floor. The two couches in the living room contained multiple blood stains.

To the east of the residence, the hallway leading to the bedrooms had multiple blood droplets throughout the hallway. The master bedroom had blood stains in the carpet, and the bath tub was full of water.

The shower enclosure frame had been ripped from the wall and the glass was shattered on the floor. The metal frame was also located on the floor. On the bed was a pink cord that resembled a phone charger cord. Across the hall to the south was the baby’s room which had blood stains in the carpet.

A large butcher knife was located at the entrance of the front door of the residence and another large butcher knife was located in the garage. This knife contained blood on the handle and the blade.

Upon reviewing the 911 call, the caller identified herself as Jessica and gave the street address of 1169 Kenmore Street. Jessica indicated she needed help because she cut her wrist and her neck. Jessica then tells dispatch that she killed her three children. Jessica later hung the phone up because she indicated she wanted to call her mother.

met with Crime Scene technicians from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office who had responded to each hospital and photographed the children.

Photos of Lacey showed she sustained severe lacerations to her knees and a laceration to her head. Photos of Phillip and Christopher showed ligature marks around their neck consistent with being choked.