VIRAL VIDEO: Amazing Footage Of ‘Jumpmaster’ Saving Skydiver

By  //  March 2, 2015

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'Possibly the scariest moment of my life'

ABOVE VIDEO: Amazing rescue by the ‘Jumpmaster’ as he manages to pull the skydiver’s ripcord as the diver suffered a seizure in free fall. (Video by Youtube)

AUSTRALIA – Extraordinary footage as a jumper suffers a seizure partially through his free fall, with one of his support jumpers reaching for the release cord to ensure his safe journey to the ground.

The jumper was participating in his Accelerated Free Fall program in November 2014.

At around 9000 feet, the jumper undergoing assessment attempted a left hand turn and went into a seizure.

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For about the next 30 seconds, he was unconscious and in free fall.

The “jumpmaster” managed to pull his ripcord at around 4000ft, after a second attempt, and he regained consciousness at about 3000 ft and land safely back to the ground.

Christopher Jones

“Possibly the scariest moment of my life,” said the skydiver Christopher Jones.

“Thankfully my jumpmaster manages to pull my ripcord at around 4,000 feet. I become conscious at 3,000 feet and land safely back to the ground.”

Christopher Jones – with his parents Mike and Lia Jones – suffered an epileptic seizure while skydiving (Image by Dave Weber/ABC)
Skydiving instructor Sheldon McFarlane’s quick action to release Mr Jones’ parachute saved his life. (Image by WA Skydiving Academy)