Arrests In Brevard County: July 13, 2015

By  //  July 13, 2015



BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The suspects below were arrested by various law enforcement agencies on the Space Coast.

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.


2 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

Abney, Thomas, Andrew
Aguilera, Veronica, Rose
Akbari, Kurush
Arnold, Frederick, Stephen
Bennett, Candice, Nicole
Boyer, Patricia, Ann
Brown, Laura, Ann
Byrnes, Justin, Theodore
Carroll, David, Lee
Chambliss, Timothy, Said
Cline, David, Wade
Clyburn, James, Terry
Conner, Joseph, Alden
Crosby, Matthew, Blake
Culbreth, Jennifer, Gail
Durant, Nathaniel
Echevarria, Rene
Edwards, Cody, Hunter
Fangmeier, Robert, James
Fitts, Jack, Alan Harnish
Grande, Richard, L
Green, Jill, Theresa
Harrington, Johnathan, Kyle
Heninger, Ashley, M
Hetzel, Shannon, L
Higgins, Isaac, Paul
Hilderbrand, Chris, Lee
Hill, Douglas, Steven
Jerome, James, M
Kearse, Rorrie, Sade
Kerrigan, Gerald, Leo
Leinenger, Christopher, Nmn
Link, Michael, J
Marshall, Timothy, Ames
McDonald, Wilbur, Jerome
Mingledorff, Jacob, Matthew
Moore, Lennie, Moore
Neverett, Daniel, Michael
Patton, Dag, Anderson
Paulus, Justin, Allan
Peterson, James, Robert
Ranslow, James
Safford, Forest, Stephen
Spainhour, Joshua, Scott
Stansbury, Marty, Brantley
Steidl, Luke, Anthony
Sweeting, Matthew, David
Tousey, Cullen, A
Wands, Kirk, Alexander
Willhide, Robert, Douglas
Wright, Kathryn, Neuberger