Nine Leprosy Cases Linked To Armadillos In Florida

By  //  July 21, 2015

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CDC: armadillos naturally infected WITH LEPROSY

ABOVE VIDEO: After nine cases of leprosy were reported in Florida, residents were advised to avoid armadillos because they carry the disease. Armadillos are very common all over Florida, and most of them live in the woods. But others could live near your home, and we learned that puts you and your family at risk. (Newsy Science video)

CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL – Some armadillos in the southern United States are naturally infected with Hansen’s disease.

While it’s possible for you to get the disease from an armadillo, the risk is low. Most people who come into contact with armadillos are unlikely to get Hansen’s disease AKA Leprosy.

But, if you decide to see a doctor because of your contact with an armadillo, make sure you provide a complete history of armadillo contact. Your doctor can determine whether or not you have the disease.

In the unlikely event that you get Hansen’s disease, your doctor can also help you get treatment.

When possible, avoid contact with armadillos, so you’ll be more certain you’re not at risk for the disease.