VIDEO: Cocoa Beach Skateboarder Clive Dixon Featured In ‘We Are Blood’

By  //  July 18, 2015

showcases art, sport of skateboarding

ABOVE VIDEO: Cocoa Beach native Clive Dixon is a skater who’s been killing it in the skate scene. A member of the Birdhouse Skateboards am team, Clive has put out insane parts and clips which show his style, precision, and creativity on a skateboard. This August, Dixon will be featured in the film, WE ARE BLOOD with renowned skateboarder Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod).

In WE ARE BLOOD, Dixon travels around the world to Spain, Dubai and China, among other countries, meeting fellow skateboarding communities.

The film, which showcases how the art and sport of skateboarding brings people together regardless of sex, age, race, nationality or religion, takes the viewer on a riveting journey and reveals the skaters pure dedication and determination to hone their craft while complete difficult tricks, in addition to building upon their friendships by learning from one another.